Winefest 2018 #YYC

I’m definitely not an expert on wine – err, a sommelier, but I am a wine lover/enthusiast, especially for reds – Malbecs and Merlots being my favourite. I drink wine to celebrate. I drink wine after a rough day to relax. I drink wine when I watch The Bachelor (don’t judge me). I have a wine rack I am trying to fill (and keep filled!). I couldn’t NOT go to winefest.

This was my second winefest in a row, and I will most likely keep going back. It’s fun to get dressed up, taste a bunch of wines and learn things, especially with good company. Speaking of – I went with my friend Sid. She’s awesome:

Last year I bought a mulled wine by Spirit Hills (as well as one of their deer head wine pourers, which is probably my favourite wine accessory ever), and a Saskatoon berry wine – which I unfortunately forget the name of and it is already long gone. Oops.

Wines I bought this year:

The Uprising – 19 Crimes Wine – I had been wanting to try this one for a while because of their cool living labels, after seeing videos circle the internet. I was excited to see that they had a booth so that I could try their wines – and I just HAD to get my hands on a bottle.

Cordon Negro – Freixenet – I “joke” that this one is for when I get engaged. 😉 I feel like I need a good occasion for sparkling wine.

(Note- peep the deer-head wine pourer in the back from last year’s event).


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