Re-introduction, Update, Blog revamp

Hello! My name is Shylo.

This is kind of a “my first blog post” type of post, even though it is not my first post – it’s just my first post in a long time, and hopefully the start of me actually posting on a regular basis.

I have been wanting to “start” (keep up with) my blog for quite a while. I just didn’t know where to start, or what my “thing” was, so I figured I would kind of restart, so to speak.


First off – Re-introduction:

As I said – my name is Shylo. I’m 24. I hold a diploma in photojournalism and a Bachelor’s degree in professional communications. I love writing, wine, travel, and my dog. ;P


In my last post, I talked about quitting my job because it wasn’t the right fit. That was months ago, and quite a bit has changed since then. I was working as a contract Digital Marketing Specialist and a Barista at the time. I quit the marketing job and just worked as a Barista full-time until finding my current job, where I now work in wine.

Blog Revamp:

I plan on using this blog more regularly as an outlet. I want it to be all about Calgary, travel, wine; maybe with some opinion pieces thrown in. Since I just started working in wine, I am still a beginner – so I plan on writing about my wine journey as well since I’m very excited to throw myself into the world of wine! Also, I MIGHT rename the site, but I haven’t decided yet.


Currently drinking: (a feature I plan on adding to all blog posts, when relevant).

Spirit Hills Winery | Bonfire   What I love about this wine: It is a mulled wine, so you drink it warm which is something that sparked my interest when I discovered it at Calgary Winefest. Their website pretty much sums it up: “Drinking it makes you feel like Christmas, no matter what time of year.”  * NOT what I am drinking in the photos. The photos are from weeks ago*.

Thank you for reading!



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